Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does Magill Little Athletics meet?
A. Every Sunday morning during the ‘summer season’ (October – March), from 9:15am until 11.30am – 12:00pm (10.30 am finish for Tiny Tots), with time off over the school holidays (i.e. mid December to mid January).

Q. Where are the meets held?
A. At St Peters College, Caterer Oval , Hatswell Street, Hackney.

Q. Does my child have to be a good athlete?
A. No, Little Athletics is about your child learning different athletics events and improving on their own achievements (i.e. “personal bests”).

Q. Are there opportunities to compete against other Little Athletics Clubs?
A. Yes, there is at least one regional inter-club event (usually in November) as well as State-wide events held at SA Athletics Stadium (Mile End) throughout the season.

Q. What can I do as a parent during Tiny Tots
A. We encourage all parents of Tiny Tots to get involved and help out in the session. Please read this for more information.

Q. Can my child try Little Athletics before joining?
A. Yes. Each new athlete is entitled to two free Come and Try sessions. A form will need to be completed for insurance purposes.

Q. Do we have to stay with our child the entire time?
A. Absolutely YES! Every child must have a parent or responsible adult attending the whole time regardless of age. Parents can be involved in recording, measuring, timekeeping, chaperoning – as well as supporting their child. If you or a responsible adult are unable to be there, then Little Athletics is not for you.

Q. At what age can my child start?
A. Any age between 3 and 16 inclusive! 3 and 4 year olds are eligible to register for Tiny Tots. Otherwise they will join our Under 6’s through to Under 17 age groups. Under 17’s are the oldest age group provided for.

Q. What age group will my child be placed in?
A. Age groups were changed for the 2018/19 season.  The year of birth determines the age group now as the cut off date is 1st January. All children under the age of 5yrs will be placed into Tiny Tots irrespective of their abilities.

To check which age bracket your child will be placed, click here for the age identifier.

Q. Does my child have to wear a uniform?
A. Yes, wearing the full centre uniform is compulsory. Our uniform is only available from the club for purchase on Sunday mornings. A complete new uniform package (i.e. hat, shirt, shorts and socks) costs $TBA. Tiny Tots can buy an off the rack gold polo shirt in lieu of the centre shirt.

Q. My family is suffering financial hardship due to the pandemic, is there anything the club can do to help?
A. Yes, this year the club will be open, on a case by case basis, to financially help families return to Magill LAC. Please contact the committee to discuss further.

Q. Does my child have to attend every meet?
A. No, as Little Athletics is an individual rather than a team sport. We understand with holidays and other commitments that it may not be possible to attend every Sunday. However, it is in the best interests of your child if they can attend as many Sundays as possible to help them improve. Please note that there is a required attendance quota of meets for your child to be eligible for State Championships.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the oval as I watch my child?
A. No, no dogs are allowed on the oval.